Alessandra Berardi Arrigoni

Alessandra Berardi Arrigoni (her second surname was added in 2018) comes from Sardinia and lives in Bologna. She is a poet, a humour writer, a songwriter and a stand-up comedian. She has published several humour books (Rime tempestose, Ragazze, non fate versi!, Ex Voto, Cogli l’ottimo), and some children’s books (Patate su Marte, C’era una voce, Poesie e altri giocattoli). She has written and performed comedy and poetry shows for children and adults, and collaborated with many poets, comedians, singers, and composers. She has worked for twelve years as a songwriter for the television children program L’albero azzurro (RAI), and published two CDs containing her songs: Le canzoni dell’albero azzurro and Il vento del divertimento (music by Marco Bigi). She has invented the Word-Tasting Method, on which her poetry-writing courses are based.