Adele's journey

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Little Adele, a good family squirrel, is convinced she lives the best possible life, in the best possible world, but one bad day... Taken adrift in a flood, she lands on Renato's island and discovers, to her surprise, that the horizon is broader than she thought it was. Lili, an hyperactive young reindeer, thinks that, to be happy, you have to do twenty things at once: Sam, the badger, will teach her the pleasures of contemplation and slowness. In the forest, the crow and the blackbird fight for the title of “king”. With humility and intelligence, a toad, a worm and an ant will convince them to scale down their demands. Finally, here is Cornelius, curious curly who gets lost in a winter's night, in the snow. He will find love and care with a family of mice. Four delightful stories, full of humor, to teach the language of fables to the children of today.
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