The singing tail

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What if you woke up one morning with a tail singing crazy songs in Russian? Call the fire department? Ask the baker for advice? That’s what happens in a tiny village, “so small that his name was largest than the village itself,” when Ivan wakes up to discover he has grown a tail. A “beautiful, long, strong and brand new” tail, that does not stand still for a moment, but sings and dances wildly. The child’s parents, terrified, speechless, seek help. All the villagers come to them. And they come to a conclusion: let’s pull it. If the tails comes off, then the problem is solved. But tails, you know, are unpredictable... Mad with joy, the singing tail will drag this odd bunch of adults in an unexpected round-the-circle that will leave everyone happy, and a bit wiser too.
[Text in Italian]


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