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Plasticus Maritimus

Every hour, a thousand tons of plastic are poured into the ocean. It's time to do something! Ana Pego, biologist and author, called this species Plasticus maritimus. Through her guide, we'll be able to analyse the specimens, implement a strategy to reduce it, contribute saving the planet and become more aware of environmental issues. [Text in Italian]

The lives of Ada

The lives of Ada is a book about metamorphosis. An unidentified being travels through different bodies, creatures and things, each one of which triggers a different story, until a touching, surprising ending. Text by Gaia Formenti and Marco Piccarreda is illustrated by Sarah Mazzetti, recently awarded by Bologna Children's Book Fair. [Text in Italian]

Lina Bo Bardi

The world in 1914: people wear hats, watch horse races and go to picnics, many of them work in factories, women ask for more rights, the Great War starts (and will end four years later). That same year, Lina Bo Bardi was born in Rome. She wants to become an architect and she's firmly convinced that architecture cannot exist without people. She devotes herself to study and design, she runs building sites and she founds very important magazines. She escapes the war and travels to Brazil, where she'll meet famous architects learning a great deal from them.

Inside me

When I'm in primary school, sometimes I go at the kindergarten where my mom works. I'm allowed to go see the babies at the nursery next door. I wait outside looking from the glass window until the teachers, who know my mom, let me in. I can play a few minutes with the little ones. It's such a strong emotion to be with those who can't speak yet. I feel like I'm experiencing a mystery. I'd like to stay here forever. When I grow up I have to remember that I want to have children.

A tree, a cat, a brother

The first sound I heard was my mother's heartbeat. That, and the whistle of the wind among the mulberry leaves (the mulberry tree they planted right in front of our garden which is still only a shrub). In that first memory, I must be about one week. My brother says it's impossible, that people start to record memories only when they are three or four years old. I have a privileged hearing and memory, I tell him. You always make thing up, he replies. I live in a city called Temuco.

Scientists in the kitchen

Children living in the city don’t have many opportunities to observe nature. Few of them know, though, that there’s a whole laboratory available to them: their home kitchen. Federica Buglioni, author, and Anna Resmini, illustrator, present a new PiNO (our Natural Science collection) book. Forty-eight pages of experiments to discover seeds and vegetables, and to analyze their amazing anatomy. [Text in Italian]

What is a river?

A river is a journey. A singing spring, a crevasse in a glacier, a muddy swamp or a silent lake: that's where a river is born. In a moment. Then it starts to run. A girl observes what surrounds her on the river bank and asks many questions. Her grandmother is there to answer and she seems to know every secret of it.

Acerbo sarai tu

Acerbo sarai tu is a new poetry collection by Silvia Vecchini, beautifully illustrated by Francesco Chiacchio. The poems focus on the hard time of growing up, on wonder, pain, boredom, contradictions, on how exciting is to make discoveries and how mature is to look at ourselves and others from different perspectives. These are all recurring topics of Silvia Vecchini’s poetry, here enriched by stunning drawings by Francesco Chiacchio, featuring in our catalogue for the first time.
[Text in Italian]

Once upon a time in Persia

Once upon a time in Persia, there was a girl who had never looked at herself in the mirror, so she did not know what she looked like. Her beauty attracts a man who wants to marry her. But, as in the best legends, a mysterious beginning leads to a series of misfortunes until she runs away and he leaves in desperate pursuit of her. Text by Sahar Doustar, who was born in Iran but moved to Italy, and illustrations by Daniela Tieni, guide readers towards a moving ending. [Text in Italian]

At the summer camp

If your parents are ice cream makers you have many advantages but some misfortune too, because summer is not holiday time, it's  working season. This is why Janna is sent to a summer camp. You'll have a great time! There will be so many children! There are many children indeed: 700, to be precise. As for the rest, life in the summer camp is a hilarious sequence of oddities: sunbathing healing treatments; long or short praying sessions according to different times of the day; flag-raising; uniforms; wool bathing suits; huge dorms; the same food every day; souvenir shops and so on.