Before me

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“Before me, there was nothing. Well, no. Before me, everything was there.” Luisa Mattia makes us hear the sound of a fresh new life, through the clear voice of a baby. Discoveries, intuitions, bliss, questions raise in front of the greatness of the Universe. A moving cosmos appears under the baby sight  teaching it how to be, and to think of itself, as a part of the whole, just made of the same material: water, wind, light, storm, fire. Until the most mysterious of all: the word. Illustrations are the abstract, playful, strong and gay forms by Mook Studio, that is Francesca Crisafulli and Carlo Nannetti: artists, sculptors, engravers and designers. 
[Text in Italian]
A book for: 
  • knowing one can be the little and big at the same time;
  • thinking about our place in the world;
  • imagining how it used to be before we were born.