from 3 years

Chiuso per ferie

What happens at home, when the whole family goes on vacation? The key turns in the lock and a prodigiuos transformation starts. All of a sudden, the deserted and silent space becomes crowded with a whole bunch of characters: who are they? Where are they from? What are they doing? The images of this book will solve the enigma. Thanks to these illustrations, the reader discovers that even the most familiar places can hide secrets and can become the theatre of marvellous events. [Text in Italian]

Filastrocca acqua e sapone

Every day the whole world wakes up and washes itself: animals, people, even cars and streets are swept by a flow of water and soap. It’s the happy wave that runs through these pages, sweeping away everything with its pressing pace, to reach the kids who do not love water…
[Text in Italian]

Filastrocca delle mani

Hands are for cheering and for caressing. Hands can be happy or thoughtful. Hands can dance and can cook. Hands are meant for playing, working, stealing, even doing nothing at all. Hands are animated by a subterranean flow of life: they have desires, feelings, and their own peculiar enthusiasm, as well as people do. Hands are beautiful and mysterious. And they talk about us, revealing who we are, how we feel, what we think.
[Text in Italian]

A mother is like a home

A mother is a home, a nest, a fountain, a shelter, a mirror, a tree, a show, a hurricane, a doctor, and a medicine ... We can read her in a million different ways, just like a book. A beautiful metaphor of motherhood, written and illustrated by Aurore Petit.
[Text in Italian]

Animal supermarket

At the Animal Supermarket you can find only natural, healthy food. And the beasts are very picky, when it comes to eating. This book is a colourful and unconventional guide to a correct diet, where children are invited to consider the difference between what animals eat and what they are offered in shops and supermarkets. A book with a game, to entertain children while teaching them the principles of good nutrition.
[Text in Italian]

Il burrone

Everything is possible in this book: words sneak into other words making their meanings twist and change. After In ogni pinocchio, Giuseppe Caliceti is back with another work of smart play and fun, illustrated by Liuna Virardi, whose synthetic graphic style perfectly matches the book’s humour. But it’s just a beginning: readers could play and make up this language game again and again. [Text in Italian]

Can you empty a puddle?

Children ask crazy questions. It’s their wish to experience the world, and to play with it, that pushes them to wonder about its mysteries. Mysteries that adults don’t see anymore, as they grew up thinking that a sofa is a sofa, toothpaste is toothpaste, and there’s no reason to count the raisins in a muësli bowl or to do somersaults until your head spins. After the successful As strong as a bear, Katrin Stangl presents her very funny new book about the extraordinary, dazzling logic of children, who turn reality upside down and make it anew. [Text in Italian]

The thinking book

What happens when a boy doesn’t want to get up, wash, get dressed, have breakfast in a hurry to go to school? Imagination takes over as he observes the cosmic movement of dust, lemons, watermelons, colours, stones, kites, elephants, hats… Published for the first time in 1960, these verses written by Sandol Stoddard and illustrated by Ivan Chermayeff, a world renowned graphic designer, also illustrator of Sun, moon, star, are wonderfully translated by Bruno Tognolini.  [Text in Italian]


It's midnight, temperature’s going down. The little boy wakes up. His mother, who had been looking after him, has fallen asleep. The boy hears faint voices coming from under his pillow: some tiny creatures called ant-fairies came to visit his mom after a longtime. They brought the ring she gave them back then. And when the mother wakes up, her son is recovered and that strange ring reminds her of something ... Maybe tonight another magic will happen!
A little treasure by the award-winning Korean author Shin Sun-Mi. [Text in Italian]

Stories of the night

Little bear asks his mom three stories, so she starts telling about a night keeper who sends the whole forest to sleep with her gong; about a little girl with a sword who got lost, and about Bo who cannot fall asleep. Kitty Crowther, Alma Award winner, is author of the text and the stunning images of this book, full of mistery and sweetness. [Text in Italian]