Lina Bo Bardi

The world in 1914: people wear hats, watch horse races and go to picnics, many of them work in factories, women ask for more rights, the Great War starts (and will end four years later). That same year, Lina Bo Bardi was born in Rome. She wants to become an architect and she's firmly convinced that architecture cannot exist without people. She devotes herself to study and design, she runs building sites and she founds very important magazines. She escapes the war and travels to Brazil, where she'll meet famous architects learning a great deal from them.


Black is a special colour: rich, shiny and elegant on one side; severe and solemn on the other. It is in great deal reproduced by charcoal drawing and it has been explored by artists in its thousand forms, expressions and potentials. Much more than any other colour, black is linked to writing, graphic design, photography and cinema. Text by Valentina Zucchi and illustrations by Francesca Zoboli show us the work by great artists, such as Andrea Verrocchio, Francisco Goya, Georges de La Tour and Franco Grignani. [Text in Italian]


At the dawn of humanity, people’s eyes rejoiced in front of green, the sign of Mother Earth's life, fertility and wealth. Even today, green gives energy, it has the power to relax, refresh, clean, heal. A new story of colours illustrated by Ángela León, a young and talented illustrator, who has her debut in Italy. [Text in Italian]


Marcel is a strange guy. He loves chocolate like all other children, but when he sees a bell tower he dreams of climbing on top of it and flying horseback to the moon. The world is like a large game room to him: appealing, mysterious, full of things to be discovered. With his imagination, he is able to transform and give new life to anything he touches. His eyes see things that no one else sees, especially old-fashioned, outdated stuff. His classmates gave him a nickname for this.

Human beings

A hundred thousand billion cells: it is what a human being needs to exist. Each of them belongs to a system of vital organs and together they make about 270 bones, 32 teeth, a beating heart, an almost always intelligent brain and many other things. Andrea Nante introduces the latest PiPPo, dedicated to the study of the human body in Art. Illustrations by Sylvie Bello help readers overcome their intimidation to the great masters as re-drawing their works is the best way to learn art history and keep it in memory. [Text in Italian]

En plein air

Wonderful gardens, palaces, castles, parks full of trees, shadows, fountains, little lakes: En plein air is a journey through the most enchanting historical gardens of Trentino, northern Italy. With text by Giulia Mirandola, a fine picture books specialist, and images by Andrea Serio, here at his debut.

Playing. The art of entertainment

Chess, ball, jump rope, hide-and-seek, blindman’s-bluff: people have always played since far-away times, since when they used to drawn on cave walls, inventing wonderful ways to entertain themselves and learn the rules for living together through the pleasure of playing. This PiPPo volume was created in collaboration with Tocatì festival, which is dedicated to the art of entertainment. Young readers will discover traditional unknown games from very famous paintings. [Text in Italian]

The silver bell

The well known Sardinian legend of the magic goat who leads a shepherd boy to a treasure had a great influence on Maria Lai’s work. She rewrote it again and again, imagining a different ending. The story in this book comes from a contamination of many different versions and it’s a metaphor of the power of art. Along with the story, the illustrations by Gioia Marchegiani narrate the landscape and the culture of the island. [Text in Italian]


This volume of PiPPo collection of art books is dedicated to landscapes. It is conceived following the example of en plein air landscape painters who used to wander about with their canvas and colours. Children can carry it anywhere, to the countryside, to the beach, to the mountains as well as through the city, to the suburbs and small towns. Texts by Marta Sironi disclose the secrets of the greatest painters with images by Pia Valentinis, master of still-life drawing.


It’s the colour of the light and the sun, it’s like gold, warm, rich and bright, the colour children like the most. This volume of PiPPo Colour series is dedicated to yellow. Valentina Zucchi and Sylvie Bello, at her debut, will make children discover those artworks where yellow stands out as utmost protagonist, through artists like Simone Martini, Artemisia Gentileschi, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Turner, Matisse and other masters.