Have a nice trip, little boy! (New edition)

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Every night, there is a baby at the starting line. Preparations are accurate and scrupulous: toys, suitcase, bath, book, kisses. And everybody at home is involved: mom, dad, and even the cat. We don't know where this little boy is going. It must certainly be somewhere far away, perhaps as far as the moon and the small stars orbiting above his cot. A small affectionate book to accompany children to bed every night. And to teach parents the importance of loving gestures that help them face the night, whic is dark, but it it is beautiful and serene too. Have a nice trip, little boy!

A book for: 
  • preparing our little ones every night for their great travel to dreamland;
  • creating rituals to ovecome hard moments;
  • enjoying a simple, loving story with our children.

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