good night


It's midnight, temperature’s going down. The little boy wakes up. His mother, who had been looking after him, has fallen asleep. The boy hears faint voices coming from under his pillow: some tiny creatures called ant-fairies came to visit his mom after a longtime. They brought the ring she gave them back then. And when the mother wakes up, her son is recovered and that strange ring reminds her of something ... Maybe tonight another magic will happen!
A little treasure by the award-winning Korean author Shin Sun-Mi. [Text in Italian]

Have a nice trip, little boy! (New edition)

Every night, there is a baby at the starting line. Preparations are accurate and scrupulous: toys, suitcase, bath, book, kisses. And everybody at home is involved: mom, dad, and even the cat. We don't know where this little boy is going. It must certainly be somewhere far away, perhaps as far as the moon and the small stars orbiting above his cot. A small affectionate book to accompany children to bed every night. And to teach parents the importance of loving gestures that help them face the night, whic is dark, but it it is beautiful and serene too. Have a nice trip, little boy!

Stories of the night

Little bear asks his mom three stories, so she starts telling about a night keeper who sends the whole forest to sleep with her gong; about a little girl with a sword who got lost, and about Bo who cannot fall asleep. Kitty Crowther, Alma Award winner, is author of the text and the stunning images of this book, full of mistery and sweetness. [Text in Italian]

The child and the cat

It’s nighttime, mom and dad are gone. A little girl is at home, alone with her cat, and she can hear a storm coming. Her room is pitch dark. The cat gets closer and they listen to the wind in silence. Speaking to the cat, she grows braver. But when rain and thunders start banging on the roof, she wishes she was stronger. And suddenly the cat gets bigger and bigger until it turns into a majestic lion.

Darkness please go away!

This book is for those children who are scared of the dark. Author Hélène Gaudy is a visual artist and has written successful novels; her text is illustrated by Simone Rea’s fine dreamlike drawings. Oscar is a hyperactive rabbit who wants to play, eat, jump, run, swim, listen to stories, anything but sleep. Until one night, his wise mom finds the way to help him overcome his fear of the dark. [Text in Italian]

Buon viaggio, piccolino!

Every night, there is a baby at the starting line. Preparations are accurate and scrupulous: toys, suitcase, bath, book, kisses. And everybody at home is involved: mom, dad, and even the familiy cat. We do not know where this little boy is going to go. It must certainly be somewhere very far away, perhaps as far as the moon and the small stars orbiting above his cot. A small affectionate book to accompany children to bed every night. And to teach parents the importance of loving gestures that help them face the night, whic is dark, but it it is beautiful and serene too.

Sleep tight sleep light

Every evening, somewhere in this big, crazy world, a baby does not show up at the usual evening rendez-vous with sleep. Bed is deserted. Where can he ever be gone? Maybe he got lost. Or maybe he was caught up in traffic. Or he met someone: a very interesting type. Or maybe he just took a flight and he is gallopping somewhere in the prairies. Maybe he is swimming, or has been caught in a storm... A dazed lullaby for children bewitched by the moon and its adventurous nature. A gallery of images happily dreamy, blending past and present, color drawings and family photos in black and white.

The big book of slumber

All couch potatoes in the animal kingdom: lovers of pajamas, plaid collectors, connaisseurs of the pillow, devotees of the slipper, experts of the mattress, artists of the bed sheet. This book will teach children to dream, snore, rest, relax, nap, fall asleep, be swayed, go sleepwalking. The rhyming handbook of bedtime in its many shades, the bible of hibernation, the Baedeker of the night: an indispensable book to explore the wild country of sleep. Ideal for late sleepers, insomniacs, dreamers, explorers of silence, afraid of the dark, and stars travelers.
[Text in Italian]

Too late

Little Riccardo wants to be too late. But everybody is telling him he can’t: too late is too dark; too late is too cold: too late is all closed. And Riccardo is too little. So, it is impossible. Unless... Unless he finds three wonderful friends, whom will help him reach the land of Too Late. A relentless, funny, surreal fantastic tale on children’s immense desires: their insatiable lust for adventure and magic and, at the same time, their immense need for love and protection. 
[Text in Italian]

Lullaby for a little lamb

A lullaby full of stars for a lamb whom, fascinated by a star, loses her trail and gets lost in the woods. Around her, the darkness is scary. But, all of a sudden, something comes on, illuminating her heart with relief: the beautiful eyes of a wolf cub, filled with dreams, fill the lonely night with the warmth of companionship. A minimal story told with infinite tenderness and deep sweetness by the verses of Eleonora Bellini, perfectly matched by the Massimo Caccia's essential signs and precise brush strokes.
[Text in Italian]