The lost lightness

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The glorious kingdom of Celeste One-hundred-twenty-third is on a cloud. It contains a beautiful castle, a village, and a happy people. It would, indeed, be a place of peace and celestial beauty if it had not been filled with things. Heavy things that might pierce the cloud and precipitate in village, castle, kings and subjects in the void. Is there a remedy to disaster? After carefully thinking of it, Celeste One-hundred-twentythird finds a solution: to throw away everything that is superfluous, all that exceeds the needs, all that is useless. A mild, ironic and profound fable on the need to find the right balance between to have and to be, to regain the space of thought, and to safeguard and restore beauty.
[Text in Italian]

A book for: 
  • learning what an economic crisis is and how it could be overcome;
  • distinguishing between what is useful and what is not;
  • laughing at the strange ideas of a king who wants to save his kingdom.