Two wings

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One day Mister Guglielmo finds two wings under a peach tree in his garden. To whom could they belong? he wonders. Maybe to someone who’s lost them or left them here but will come and find them. So he starts looking for their owner all over the city. The people he comes across either fool him or think he’s crazy. Until one morning, as he touches the wings for the first time, he realizes something extraordinary. A philosophic story, as light as a feather, that flies off into the sky thanks to the poetic, subtle humour of Cristina Bellemo and Mariachiara di Giorgio. [Text in Italian]
A book for: 
  • learning how to take care of things;
  • understanding that being attached to something doesn’t necessarily mean to own it;
  • reflecting about simplicity and generosity. 
Also published in: 
Spanish, Catalan, Korean, (Simplified) Chinese.

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