In a mice family

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What happens everyday in a mice family? Many things: everything that happens in any family. They wake up, brush their teeth, go out, they either go to work, or to school, or mushroom hunting in autumn… Then they have lunch, they think, they play, meet new people, they argue, they dream, they come back home for dinner and set the table… They think about how different from one another they can be in a mice family, and how similar. They sulk each other but their sulks don’t last long, they talk all at the same time but then silence comes and they go to bed reading a story and kissing each other goodnight. Because, most important, in a mice family they truly love each other. [Text in Italian]
A book for: 
  • thinking deeply about what is a family;
  • enjoying listing how many things a mice family and a human family have in common;
  • making up what else might happen in a mice (and regular) family.
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French, Swedish, Spanish (Colombia and Ecuador), (Simplified) Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese.