Gli anni in tasca

Inside me

When I'm in primary school, sometimes I go at the kindergarten where my mom works. I'm allowed to go see the babies at the nursery next door. I wait outside looking from the glass window until the teachers, who know my mom, let me in. I can play a few minutes with the little ones. It's such a strong emotion to be with those who can't speak yet. I feel like I'm experiencing a mystery. I'd like to stay here forever. When I grow up I have to remember that I want to have children.

A tree, a cat, a brother

The first sound I heard was my mother's heartbeat. That, and the whistle of the wind among the mulberry leaves (the mulberry tree they planted right in front of our garden which is still only a shrub). In that first memory, I must be about one week. My brother says it's impossible, that people start to record memories only when they are three or four years old. I have a privileged hearing and memory, I tell him. You always make thing up, he replies. I live in a city called Temuco.

At the summer camp

If your parents are ice cream makers you have many advantages but some misfortune too, because summer is not holiday time, it's  working season. This is why Janna is sent to a summer camp. You'll have a great time! There will be so many children! There are many children indeed: 700, to be precise. As for the rest, life in the summer camp is a hilarious sequence of oddities: sunbathing healing treatments; long or short praying sessions according to different times of the day; flag-raising; uniforms; wool bathing suits; huge dorms; the same food every day; souvenir shops and so on.

Are you hyperactive? No, I'm Swiss

I was six years old. Once, uncle Bernard came to see us. After dinner, my sisters and I started playing. Then they went to bed as they were younger than me, while I started jumping on the couch. After a while my uncle asked me "Are you hyperactive?” I didn’t understand and answered: "No, I'm Swiss." He almost fell off the chair laughing.

Summer and everything else

Arianna is tiny, quiet, shy, but very curious and lively, she feels like an outsider. In her father’s family they’re all very talkative and speak even in their sleep. In her mother’s, they are totally workaholic. She likes listening to stories, instead, hiding in secret corners to observe life unnoticed. She’s eager to know what other people feel, wish and hope. Little by little, though, between sea and mountain adventures in her summer holidays, she finds the courage to leave her hideout and venture into the real world, with her usual humour and tenderness.

Hidden friends

Taiba and his son Robera are Ethiopians. They love their country, but that they are forced to leave because of political persecution. So they start a long journey, leading them from country to country, looking for a place to settle down, where fundamental human rights are recognized. They are looking for the opportunity to live a normal life, to study, to work, to love, to be happy. But is there such a place?

The three Piumini brothers

An autobiography in three voices that alternate to retrace the big and the small stories tracing the natural paths of growth. Between the place of the duties, in the Northern Alps, where life revolves in the regular rhythms of home and the school, and the place of the pleasures, in the Apennines, halfway between Bologna and Florence, where the days stretch into the rhythms of the long holiday and the rural life of their grandparents. Roberto Piumini is an acclaimed Italian author and poet, whose works have been translated in French and German.
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Something that breaks the heart

Sweating; running until you run out of breath; having fun; feeling free. These things are not not good in the world of Anna. Why? Because if you do them, here comes the wolf, or the devil, or a disease. And if you do not get a disease, then some bad luck will come, or a curse. And if it is not a curse, it will be the watchful eyes of the Virgin Mary, or even those of God, who sees everything, and will scare you to death if you do not behave. And a misbehavior is virtually everything you do or you can imagine doing. Except a few things.

The city is a ship

The sea. In Naples, you can see it from every corner of the city. The sea a little girl sees from her window, from the streets; she cruises with her father; she listens to while her life changes, through minor incidents and major events. A sea that is unusually silent when everything begins to shake violently, spreading fear and chaos. The portrait of a childhood spent in extraordinary and difficult places; a tale of intense and sharp words. 
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White rabbits

A childhood between the Veneto region and London; ancient palaces and rock concerts; nervous nannies and au pairs with exotic habits; nightmares and crashing crushes; the desire to grow and that desire to remain a child. A compelling, straightforward story that entertains and moves. A clear and deep voice which captures the essence of places, characters, situations. This is White Rabbits: an irresistible and delicate debut novel by Margherita Emo.
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