At the summer camp

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If your parents are ice cream makers you have many advantages but some misfortune too, because summer is not holiday time, it's  working season. This is why Janna is sent to a summer camp. You'll have a great time! There will be so many children! There are many children indeed: 700, to be precise. As for the rest, life in the summer camp is a hilarious sequence of oddities: sunbathing healing treatments; long or short praying sessions according to different times of the day; flag-raising; uniforms; wool bathing suits; huge dorms; the same food every day; souvenir shops and so on. A series of tortures adults seem to have invented to make of what should be an enjoyable sea holiday a sort of detention camp. But Janna has a great ally, or rather two: a fantastic friend who knows how to cope with life and a great sense of humor. [Text in Italian]

A book for: 
  • wondering about what makes a good holiday;
  • thinking whether we set a defense strategy when we’re not feeling well;
  • writing a autobiographical text.