Two monkeys in the kitchen

Above any other thing, Michele loves monkeys. He reads in his book that monkeys spend their time reading, dancing, playing, and discovering the world. On the other hand, Michele’s sister has more important things to think about: her days go by between a Chinese lesson and a ballet class. But is it really true that the busiest people are the happiest too? Michele invites her sister to spend an afternoon as monkeys do.
[Text in Italian]

Can you empty a puddle?

Children ask crazy questions. It’s their wish to experience the world, and to play with it, that pushes them to wonder about its mysteries. Mysteries that adults don’t see anymore, as they grew up thinking that a sofa is a sofa, toothpaste is toothpaste, and there’s no reason to count the raisins in a muësli bowl or to do somersaults until your head spins. After the successful As strong as a bear, Katrin Stangl presents her very funny new book about the extraordinary, dazzling logic of children, who turn reality upside down and make it anew. [Text in Italian]

The Christmas of the missing mouse

Christmas is coming and no one wants to be caught unprepared by the event. A list is needed! Two, in fact: one for the cat and one for the missing mouse. Everyone writes what should never be missed at a Christmas party. And of course they end up fighting, but the devoted readers of their stories know the way they are: this is why they shouldn’t miss the last book of the most surreal trilogy (The missing mouse, The holidays of the missing mouse) of all times. [Text in Italian]

At the summer camp

If your parents are ice cream makers you have many advantages but some misfortune too, because summer is not holiday time, it's  working season. This is why Janna is sent to a summer camp. You'll have a great time! There will be so many children! There are many children indeed: 700, to be precise. As for the rest, life in the summer camp is a hilarious sequence of oddities: sunbathing healing treatments; long or short praying sessions according to different times of the day; flag-raising; uniforms; wool bathing suits; huge dorms; the same food every day; souvenir shops and so on.

Fox + Chick. The party and other stories

Sergio Ruzzier, author of Una lettera per Leo, Due Topi and Stupido libro!, is back with his new masterpiece, a small sized book for a high quality story and artwork. Fox and Chick, two friends, a house, a bathroom, a party, a soup, many adventures. Readers will not just be witnesses, they’ll have the feeling of becoming part of this world populated by adorable creatures they will never want to do without.

The first laughter

Gioconda Belli and Alicia Baladan wonderfully rielaborate the legend of how the first laughter came into being. In a sort of eden made of a lush and mysterious tropical forest, the protagonists realize they are the first man and the first woman on earth and they start playing with the plants and the animals around them. A story about generosity and nature where, by means of marvelous words and images, everything becomes light, joy and colour. [Text in Italian]

Nosebleed and other adventures

A hilarious logbook about childhood in East Berlin with student protests, crazy grandparents, countryside against city manners, dance parties, weather forecasts, fake flowers, hens, TV shows, graveyards, polluted water, weird frogs and lots of holding one’s nose. Because Nadia Budde makes us travel into her olfactory (and other kinds of) memory with her great sense of humour. From the golden age of childhood to the turmoil of adulthood. [Text in Italian]

Professional crocodile

In all big cities, at dawn, millions of people wake up, have breakfast and get ready for work. The crocodile hero of this book is no exception. We follow him in his household stuff and outside. We walk by his side in the street, we get on the tube, look at shops’ windows, smell sweets and roasted chicken until… A compelling wordless story by Giovanna Zoboli, with illustrations by the extraordinary talented Mariachiara Di Giorgio. [Text in Italian]