Inside me

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When I'm in primary school, sometimes I go at the kindergarten where my mom works. I'm allowed to go see the babies at the nursery next door. I wait outside looking from the glass window until the teachers, who know my mom, let me in. I can play a few minutes with the little ones. It's such a strong emotion to be with those who can't speak yet. I feel like I'm experiencing a mystery. I'd like to stay here forever. When I grow up I have to remember that I want to have children. Silvia Vecchini, a great observer of childhood, is releasing her autobiographical work in Gli Anni in Tasca collection. A surprising book made of fragments: anecdotes, memories, thoughts that make a picture of charming depth and truth. [Text in Italian]

A book for: 
  • describing a day spent with our grandparents;
  • recalling something scary about our childhood;
  • remembering an adventure we lived with our best friend.