The wild swans

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A princess rescues her eleven brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen: a standard feature in a fairy tales. What makes “The Wild Swans” so peculiar is the magic pen of Hans Christian Andersen - in a fresh translation by a celebrated Italian author - and the delicate, although strong and powerful illustrations by Joanna Concejo, which reflect the strenght and determination of Eliza, our heroine. Far away in the land to which the swallows fly when it is winter, dwelt a king who had eleven sons, and one daughter, named Eliza. The eleven brothers were princes, and each went to school with a star on his breast, and a sword by his side. They wrote with diamond pencils on gold slates, and learnt their lessons so quickly and read so easily that every one might know they were princes. Their sister Eliza sat on a little stool of plate-glass, and had a book full of pictures, which had cost as much as half a kingdom. Oh, these children were indeed happy, but it was not to remain so always.
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