Ladies and knights

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32 softcover with removable pages
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In Italian it will be named PIPPO: PIccola Pinacoteca POrtatile; freely translated as SPAG, Small Portable Art Gallery. It is a new collection of activity books to play with art, to learn to observe what’s inside paintings, to think about how and why the painters imagine, draw, represent things, people , animals, plants, cities, landscapes... And to create yur own personal collection of pictures to hang or to give, having fun painting, composing, decomposing cutting, pasting in complete freedom and without fear, the great masterpieces of all times. Veils, jackets, hats, helmets, saddle-cloths, jerkins, waistcoats, dresses, surcoats, vests, sleeves, caps, coats... The most sumptuous dresses in the history of painting in a gallery of the most famous portraits of gentlemen and gentlewomen. A parade of breathtaking elegance to unleash the children’s tailoring talents to groom, style, dress, using to a catalog of decorated papers, to cut out and reassemble. [Text in Italian]

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