The angel of shoes

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Where do angels live? Some people think they live up in Christmas trees among the sparkling lights and colorful balls, or inside shop windows to illuminate the most expensive celebration of the year. Others think they simply inhabit the mystery and therefore they could be anywhere, for example, even on a balcony of a building at the most remote city in the world. Maybe an angel arrives when you feel a small empty space inside you that nourishes itself upon darkness, silence and awe. This is exactly what happens to the main character of this story who, in the “deaf” presence of his father - a man who is unable to feel beyond himself - opposes the tiniest signs within which the mysteries of existence show themselves and experiences his relationship with the other through vivid and spontaneous feelings of empathy.
[Text in Italian]

A book for: 
  • imagining how angels look like; 
  • wondering how many voices are speaking in a specific moment;
  • thinking about what we have and don't have. 
Also published in: 
French, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Korean.