Because it conveys peace and deep feelings, blue is the favorite colour of most human beings. It’s the colour of the sea and the sky, which is why it’s always been a symbol of spirituality and nobility. But blue is also the colour of melancholy and nighttime, the threshold of unknown, hidden issues. Valentina Zucchi and Viola Niccolai analyze it through artworks by Giotto, Dürer, Canaletto, Picasso, Kandinskij, Yves Klein and other masters. [Text in Italian]

My big family

What is a family? Sooner or later all of us get lost in the maze of kinship, trying to understand who is a great-uncle and a stepfather, what is a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law, who’s married to whom, and why someone just born, immediately becomes uncle or nephew to someone else. The protagonist of this hilarious book, together with his father, ventures to climb his own genealogical tree, happily discovering himself as a part of this big, lively, crowded universe, to a very sweet ending. 
[Text in Italian]

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day

A day of nothing, on holidays. A far away place, with mom working and no one else but a videogame. Bored, lazy and angry, the boy gets out of the house in the rain, not knowing what to do, and accidentally loses his videogame. That's how the book starts and an unexpected adventure in the wood unfolds. Another little masterpiece by Beatrice Alemagna about the inner world of children and the wonder they can find anywhere.
[Text in Italian]

Six legs and little more

Six legs and little more inaugurates a new collection on nature and science, PiNO: Piccoli Naturalisti Osservatori. It is a practical guide for little entomologists to learn and recognize species of insects, to observe how they look like, how many legs, how many wings, how many eyes they have; whether they fly or jump; if they change colour; if they sting or are harmless; how big they can be; where they live; what they eat. The words and images by Geena Forrest, a young expert on natural science, guide us into observation and practice. [Text in Italian]


After Red, that opened the PiPPo series dedicated to colours which is published in collaboration with Musei civici di Firenze, now comes White. Valentina Zucchi and Francesca Zoboli guide us, with text and illustrations, into an exploration of one of the most mysterious and fascinating colours, through the works of artists of all times. To get young readers to learn the shades and the several meanings of white by exercising observation and drawing. 

Wonderful fables by Antonio Canova

Antonio Canova is one of the most famous sculptors in history. His sculptures, inspired on ancient Greek and Roman art, have influenced our idea of beauty so much that they’ve been always imitated ever since. He made ancient figures and myths live again in his studio: that’s why his art is known as Neoclassicim, because it brings past back into the present, making it new.

In every pinocchio

Language can be an amazing game for children. All masters of language know that, like Gianni Rodari, and like Giuseppe Caliceti, author of this book that, the stronger your sense of wonder is, the more you’ll appreciate. It can be a tool made of words and images for children to play and learn what’s hiding behind everyday language. New meanings emerge from these words and images by Gaia Stella, a very talented Italian illustrator. [Text in Italian]

Eating at the table of the art masters

We sit down at the table everyday because we’re hungry. But also because we want to enjoy some company, talk, learn. Families, friends, fellows gather around the table: not just to eat but to be together, to celebrate; every culture with their own traditions, their colours, their stories. With this book, Andrea Nante and Alicia Baladan make us understand how the table is a very important place.

Two mice

This is a little book with a great adventure. There are two tiny characters you will never want to leave. There’s a simple text, sentences made up of two words, with big lettering for children to improve their reading. There’s mathematics for them to learn counting up to three. There are Sergio Ruzzier’s drawings with plenty of details for them to discover. There’s a story full of emotions, misadventures, joy and an unexpected happy ending. The ideal book children and adults can read together, in search of something new, again and again. [Text in Italian]


Rosso belongs to a new series of P.i.P.P.o. collection published in collaboration with Musei Civici di Firenze, each one being dedicated to a specific colour. The first is Red, king of all colours, proud, lively, powerful. It stands for fire, blood and love. But we should rather speak at the plural form since there are so many kinds of red: purple, crimson, red lead, cinnabar, vermilion, carmine and many others.